What is a food co-op? It is a grocery store owned by its members.

What can you buy at a food co-op? All your basic groceries.

How is a co-op different? We will buy from local farmers and farms that care about what goes into the food we eat. Farms that use organic and sustainable practices.

Do you have to be a member to shop? No, but Co-op Members will be eligible for Member Perks (special offers for members) and can earn dividends on their purchases.

How much does it cost to join? Membership is a one time $150 paymentJust once, not annually. When you join, you will own part of the co-op, too.

Who is in charge? The Merrimack Valley Food Co-op is being planned by people in your neighborhood. People just like you. Join us to be part of the co-op today!

How do I join? We are so glad you asked, it is just 2 Easy Steps:

1. Join MVFC Member Agreement

2. Pay with PayPal here: (or mail in your check)